Radars are used to detect things and help anticipate a problem early.  The earlier you identify a problem, the better you can devise a strategy to solve the problem.  Let’s look at some potential things that get onto the radar:  automobile payments, appliance repairs, new tires for your vehicle, insurance payments, house payments, groceries, video rentals.  These are financial events that happen to families everyday.

How often do you consult your radar?  What range is your radar set on?   Next few days? weeks? months?  years?  Do you account for financial emergencies?  Murphy will visit your financial house.  Are you prepared for the unexpected?  What about those irregular events like insurance deductibles,  car repairs,  medical bills,  childrens’ clothing.  Is your strategy in place for these financial issues?

Maybe it’s time for a radar tune up?  Maybe you need to first get a radar?  Maybe you then need to set it to the right setting?  Nobody ever wins without a plan.  You need to get your radar out and start looking ahead.  Maybe you want to start that emergency fund?  Maybe you want to start planning for retirement?  What goals do you wish to accomplish this year?  If it’s not on your radar, it will not get your attention.


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