Winning with Coupons

My wife has taken couponing to the next level over the last 2 months.  She has taken the game seriously and is winning.  She shows me the receipts to prove it.  While cutting and organizing can take time, there are some unbelievable savings for those who commit to this practice.  Below are some nuggets of wisdom I have gained from my wife to share with you.

Begin clipping coupons.  If you take the local paper start there. If you have a larger paper nearby, get the Sunday edition and look for items that you eat.  Cleaning supplies can be had at large discounts as well.

Go to www.southernsavers.comYou will find printable coupons at this site.

Go to www.time2save.blogspot.comHere you will find women who teach couponing to local civic groups and churches.  While they are located in southeast, they might give you some guidance to resources available in your area.  Some tricks of the trade remain the same regardless of where you live. 

Stockpile.  This is simply buying large amounts of an item that you use regularly.  Items sold in stores go in 12 week pricing cycles.  If you’re diligent, you can find items rock bottom cheap and buy large amounts.  Items such as ketchup, cheese, and canned items don’t expire for a long time and can be kept up to 3 to 6 months.

Have a game plan before leaving the house.  Know what items you need and where you’re going to get them. 

Buy One Get One Free.  Our local BI-LO chain doubles coupons every day up to 60 cents.  The local Publix doubles every day up to 50 cents.  You can use 1 coupon per item.

Be Organized.  My wife uses a 3 ring binder that can be zipped up.  She uses clear plastic ‘baseball’ card sized pages to put the coupons in.  You can label sections with categories such as dairy, cereals, chips, drinks. etc.  While this can be time consuming, it can pay dividends if you’re committed to this practice for the long haul.


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