Is Couponing For Me?

My wife has been a devoted couponer for about 2 months now.  It has been fun to watch the transformation unfold.  She devotes much time and energy to this and has saved us a couple hundred dollars in the process.  Maybe you are wondering if it’s for you.  You begin to think if the time invested is worth the result.  Each of us must determine what is worthy of our time and attention.  Below are some signs that this couponing thing is for you.

1) You’re barely making ends meet.  Getting to the end of the month witha couple dollars tells you that things are tight. In today’s economy this probably applies to many people.  Couponing can put more disposable income in your pocket.

2) You have no emergency fund.  Emergencies are going to happen.  Cars need repair.  Things break down.  An emergency fund is your plan for the unexpecteds of life.  Not having an emergency fund places you in a place of having to fund these expenses with plastic. Not good.  I recommend a $1000 as a good start for an emergency fund.

3) Using credit cards to buy basic staples.  As I’ve heard Dave Ramsey say, If you don’t have a plan, VISA does.  Buying everyday items with credit cards is a slippery slope.  It’s a habit you best not start to do.  Unless you pay the balance off at month’s end, you’re paying additional interest on these items.  If you do this, please consider couponing.

4) You’re behind on your bills.  If you’re not current on your bills, the time to coupon is NOW!  Money saved on groceries and other needs can be directed toward getting these bills caught up.  My wife’s mentor, Kasey Trenum has a great website with information on couponing. The address:  This gal has solid information and does travel and do seminars on this subject.

If your financial picture includes one or more of the above scenarios, you are a candidate for a coupon makeover.  Go ahead and take the time to move yourself forward by using these incredible cost cutting tools.  Have a great day.


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