Marriage, Money and Manners

Have you ever considered how manners play out in how you and your spouse discuss money?  Is it reasonable to consider manners in regards to money?  You may wonder what does manners have to do with money.  It comes down to respectful communication.  Just as manners tell you to say ‘thank you’ and ‘please,’ common courtesy also applies to money as well. 

Checking In.  I’m delighted when my wife calls me first before purchasing an unplanned item.  This conveys respect for the money that we work hard to earn.  Checking in with your spouse about financial issues ensures peace and keeps you both on the same page.

Teamwork.  The keyword when it comes to marriage and money is team.  We are not separate when it comes to financial decisions.  Every financial decision impacts the overall picture.  Whether it is an expense or savings, it needs to be discussed by the team.  

Two Heads Are Better Than One.  Sometimes your partner can see things that don’t occur to you.  Gaining their input may provide a different view on how that purchase may conflict with other financial goals that you have.  Your spouse may also offer other alternatives that you can’t create from your own mind.

Power of Agreement.  You can’t discount the power of agreement in a marriage.  When a husband and wife enter into marriage it is about two becoming one.  When you choose to marry you choose to involve another person in your choices.  You and your spouse need to enthusiastically agree on money decisions.

In conclusion, how you and your spouse discuss money is important.  It’s imperative that both partners feel free to discuss money issues openly.  Money secrets can weaken the trust that must be present for a relationship to remain strong.

What money manners do you practice in your relationship?  Please share what works so others can glean from your wisdom.


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