6 Ways to Create $50 a Month

Maybe your skeptical about coming up with the $50 a month to start funding your retirement?  Times are tough and squeezing an extra $50 can seem daunting for some folks.  Below are 6 straightforward and simple ways to find the $50.00 (or more).

1) Couponing.  My wife has been couponing for nearly three months and saving $50.00 can be found quite easily using a few tried and true methods.  For more information read my post, “Winning with Coupons.”

2)Part-time job. 

3) Invest Your Raise.  Look at this math. $40,000/yr job gets a 2% raise equals 800.00 a year.  After taxes, $600 a year.  600/12 months is $50 a month on the nose. 

4) Downsize something.  Satellite TV package, insurance, car, cell phone package, etc.

5) Sell Something.  Some examples are Ebay, yard sale, consignment sales, or anything else that takes up space in your life.

6) Income Tax Return.  Most returns average well above the $600 you need to fund your extra $50 a month.

What do you say?  Are you up to the task?  Is your future worth a few small changes now?  Go ahead and take action today to start your journey toward a better future for yourself and your family.


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