Create Your Own Stimulus

We’ve heard the term stimulus a lot in the last 3 months.  Our President, congressmen, and senators have thrown billions of dollars at the economy trying to jolt it into a recovery.  Whether the funds will accomplish the intended results remains to be seen.  My intent is for you to worry about what you can control.  While the stimulus is putting billions of dollars into this economy, the actual help it provides to your bottom line is probably minimal.  I think you your time is better spent creating your own stimulus plan.  Below are some clear cut measures you can take to create your own stimulus plan. 

1) Have A Written Budget.  Unlike the earmarks and fat of the stimulus, have an exact destination for your money.  Have categories for expenses such as mortgage, groceries, utilities, insurance and the like.  You can’t captain a good ship without knowing the conditions of all the parts.  You need a written plan for your money before the first dollar is spent.

2) Fund and Emergency Fund.  You must prepare for the unexpecteds of your financial life.  Murphy will come visit you.  You need a buffer between you and life.  This is your emergency fund.  Having a mimimum of $1000 will keep you from having to take the bailout money (credit cards).

3) Turn a Hobby Into Part-Time Income.  When you have a shortage of funds, seek out other types of income.  If you have a strong interest or aptitude for woodworking, start a part-time business.  If you’re a computer whiz, folks will pay you for repairs or consulting work.

4) Slash Your Expenses.  There are cheaper ways to finance your life.  Must you have premium cable with all the extras?  Must you have a brand new gadget when the one you have works just fine?  Must you pay full price for groceries?  Couponing can make a difference.  Good deals can be had at garage sales, consignment sales, and flea markets.  Imagine how much better our government would be if they only spent what was in the account.

The only money you have control over is your own.  Don’t wait on Washington to solve your problems.  Get your own plan together and create your own stimulus.


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