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Weekend Roundup: Sites of Interest

January 24, 2009

I wanted folks to know about some great posts that I found this week.  A great post on sacrifice by Trent at He mentions his story about getting seriously out of debt.  He also mentions his transition from thinking short-term to long-term in regards to his money.   I read another great post at on 16 ways to do it yourself.  If you have children visit and read the article about ” 8 Money Lessons to Teach your Kids.”  If we don’t teach them, who will?  Over at the author dispels some myths about funding college.  If you or someone you know needs ideas on this topic, this website is a great place to visit.  My last recommendation is the website,  While it is not a blog, I have found good faith-based advice for marriage here for many years.  Give these a try and I’m sure you’ll find some solid information for your life.